Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can't You Hear the Violins

Okay, so it has become my personal opinion that the Dips are over. Yes, I know...stranger things have occurred but you know. I really like this group, I mean what is there not to like, the swagger, the arrogance,the dare to be different in your face persona and now...NOTHING. The stories and the speculations have hit the net. The denial from both camps about the impending deal for Jimmy! Which I still say he is going to Universal and not to G-Unit. I was riding hard but this interview here with Hell Rell pretty much solidified it. So here once again I lie dwindling in speculation. Where is Cam'Ron??? All of this is say to actually say nothing. This doesn't affect me. I can pop in a CD or you tube a vid and relive the good ole days
But, I'm just nosey as all get out and I want answers.

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