Friday, March 30, 2007

Real Hip Hop Friday

Classic from the Ready to Die CD.

The Essence of Hip Hop

I was going through my mental rolodex trying to figure out what video to put up for Real Hip Hop Friday and I was over at Nah Right and read a post about Biggie. Go over and check it out. Well after reading the article. I decided to post up a video from none other than the Notorious B. I. G. If Biggie was not one who exemplified the real essence of Hip Hop I don't know who did. He is truly in a class by himself. BIG POPPA BABY BAAAABY!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Model Dissing Rapper

I dun heard it all. I was forewarned and didn't listen. Like telling a child not to touch a hot stove. From rappers dissing rappers, producers dissing producers and now model dissing rapper. Notice I didn't plural that jawn. Vida G is dissing The Game in an uhum freestyle and I use this term very loosely. This is pure madness. This chick need to stick to the model game because her rap game is on zero. Click the link if you want to but you'll be wasting your time.

Supposedly this is her response to Game for going on Funk Flex's show talking about how he finger popped her at somebody's party. If your interested in the story-Google it. I'm done!


Now this is some Hip Hop for that A dolla dolla sign..

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You Ready B?

I faithfully read and I read on the rumors page that Jay-Z reportedly has a CD hidden somewhere called Bonnie and Hov. Apparently him and B have a quote-unquote Best of Both Worlds idea abrewing. Now correct me if I'm wrong...don't these mofos already have a Bonnie and Hov CD out. Just scroll through the CDs they done put out since they been together. They probably be in the booth holding hands, looking into each other's eyes, making tracks, kissing..aww whatever.

Get to Steppin and Cut the Corner!

Police were present as Suge Knight was evicted from his Los Angeles home on Friday March 23. His belongs were removed from the condo and placed in a truck that was parked in front of the home. His downfall may be contributed to his assets being frozen since August 05. Suge also filed bankruptcy according to after a judgement was placed against Death Row Records which ordered Suge to pay 107 million dollars to Michael and Lydia Harris who filed suit claiming that they fronted Suge 1.5 million dollars to start up Death Row Records.

Not to throw stones at Suge's glass house (or lack of) but I can see him not having no change. I have a trivia question. Who can name the last artist that released a CD off of the Row imprint that sold?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Eazy-E - Eazy-er Said Than Dunn


I don't know how this got pass me and I didn't hear a peep from anybody not my trusty (or not so) radio stations or even on the web. Yesterday, March 26 was the 12 year anniversary of Eazy E's death. Now I'm all down for the hour long radio spins that most rappers get on their Born Days but Eazy E's death was a part of history in rap that shocked everyone not to mention the fact that he was one of the most influential spoke persons for West Coast rap and Gangsta rap in itself. I remember my first NWA cassette. Classic! So in remembering my youth and in recognition of Eazy... check the next post up!

No Tour for Snoop and Diddy

According to several entertainment news and blog sites. Diddy and Snoop have canceled their UK tour. It seems that Snoop was denied a work visa because of concerns regarding his presence in the country. According to the report, in April 2006 Snoop and five other men were arrested for starting a brawl when someone in his entourage was denied access to a British Airways first class lounge in Heathrow Airport. This is not the first time Snoop has been barred from Britain he was not allowed entrance back in May of 2006.

Patti Labelle

This story came from an email that I received from Jawn Murray.

Singer Patti LaBelle has apparently made up with music executive Antonio "L.A." Reid and is supposedly in negotiations to resign with Def Soul Classics. LaBelle released two albums on Def Soul Classics - - Timeless Journey' and 'Classic Moments'-before she and Reid had a notorious falling out in mid-2005. LaBelle went on to release a gospel CD, 'The Gospel According to Patti,' on Jeryl Busby's Burgundy/Universal label. To date that CD has sold more than 120,000 units.

This will be a good look for Patti, I haven't had my bones chilled with a good Ms. LaBelle CD in a minute. I am still recycling older songs. I will be looking out for that and will keep you posted on those negotiations as I hear more.

Just wanted to put that out there.

Things have been a bit slow to me on the entertainment end and a lot to talk about has been going on around my town but I don't want to glorify the negativity by posting it in a blog unless I really really have to. But thanks to Jawn Murray who read my blog regarding Tamia and Grant he has included me in his mailing list and have given me something to talk about today.

Friday, March 23, 2007

You Say What????

Ice Cube- Steady Mobbin

1st Video for Real Hip Hop Friday. Every Friday I will add a video that I believe is the essence of true Hip Hop. Any suggestions please email me.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Campaigned for Nothing

Yesterday, I was asking for people to help save our Philly artist and there is always one dumb negro who has to come and mess up the whole damn campaign so in conjunction with I'm through Productions and Where are they Now Inc. I give you Beans..The Broad Street Bully. Now according to Beans have resigned with the Roc. I guess that good ole b-day bash with that Momma Carter looking home made cake sealed the deal and he is "ready to go to war for Hov" (Formally known as Jay, affectionately known as the Camel and now officially known as Bend Hova, so I can screw you Ova" Now although I like the Dips I won't front, (sue me) Lyrically can they get with Beans, I don't think so. Do I think that they will try...of course. Now with that being said. Will Beans beat all they asses..NO DOUBT. I keeps it real. My whole point of this is why do Jay need to recruit people to fight for him?Personally I do think that old men need to stick together. Be for real, Beans is looking like Old Uncle Wayne who beat his wife down at the family get together. Oh well. I just hope that Jay gives him clearance, give him a release date and step his old man ahem grown man dress game up. Naw!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Someone please help Max B get out of jail.

According to interview Bigavell is waiting for his bail to be lowered to within his price range in order to get out. I don't know the inter workings of their business relationship or how the Dipset/BrydGang family works but if auntie May can put her house up or sell some fish dinners to get lil cousin Ray Ray out the bing, I'm guessing the Dips can BALL OUT just this once to scoop up the lil homie. I'm just sayin'. Ya Dig!

Whoever thinks this is Hot....

Okay! I don't know why I keep putting myself through this. I'm not even going to go on about this. I often give advice..and this is mine...PLEASE STOP FEEDING THE CAMEL. His ego is so inflated you hear it all through this wack a** track.

I'm done. Hip Hop is on life support. (I won't say it is officially dead yet) but it definitely has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

Show Philly Some Love Jay- PLEASE!

Can someone please save our Philly artist. Can they get any time to shine? In my honest opinion NO! Not if they are f-ing with Jay. Now again for all you Jay Z fans that live in the moment with him because I'm not, stop riding dude like a rodeo show and face the facts, Philly ain't getting nothing but pleading and diss records from casted out State Prop artist. First Peedie... Jay won't give him a release date, he talking about leaking his own ish, now Omillio. How hard is it to give clearance on a song. Maybe we can get some at best quality hip hop from these dudes, after all they are still hungry, and time has shown that is when an artist is at his best. I'm whithering away listening to This is Why I'm Hot and I'm so tired of rap beef. Who we got coming out under Jay in Philly that I can say I support Philly artist besides the Roots? (Had to big them up). Please don't say Chris from the Young Gunz, I will go off!!! Come on guys take destiny into your own hands bum rush dude for what you want. This is getting past ridiculous, save me from Pop, Lock and Drop or 3 and some odd minutes of some dude telling me why he is hot and you're not. PHILLY STAND UP! I got spoken word flow, maybe I need to add some beats and listen to my own damn flow. At least I can get some good entertainment from Philly! LOL!

As a side note: Where are the CDs from the dynamic "I rides for Jay" duo: The infamous weed and blunt carriers Tru Life and Bleek? SMDH.


RedMan is in Philly this morning. Promo'ing Red Gone Wild: Thee Album. Schedule for release 3/27/07. Spark those L's people. It's a celebration. Naw for real. I like Red. He got some bangers. As I was driving in this morning listening to The Beat, broadcasting live from Dunkin Donuts. (Where are my damn sponsors??) at 13th and Cecil B Moore. They played How High by Meth and Red. One of my fav songs but any way. This jolted my memory and I realized my uncle had my High How movie for like ever so now I'm pissed but I moved past the moment, I could probably find it in the $5.00 bin at Walmart or something by now...but I digress. Then I had this epiphany (okay it's not that deep) to list some of my *Good-N-Hood Negro Classics. Thanks Red...
1) How High
2) Half Baked
3) Bout it
4) Killa Season
5) Menace 2 Society
6) Juice
7) Boyz N the Hood
8) City of God
9) Above the Rim
10) New Jack City
*No particular order. If I had to-Menace and Juice would definitely be my top 2.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I am seriously thinking about starting a Where are they Now section of my blog. Yes..yes ahh such brilliance. Let's start with Ray Benzino. I am seriously looking around as I type this. I would hate to be swerved on by him and his crew, being called a slut monkey as I take my beat down like a G. I don't have no crew to protect me but, what?....anyway. I have been hearing some stuff about ole boy. Supposedly running for a city council seat in Boston and something or another about a video of him eating ass.
I don't have the video but listen here for a snippet of a prank call...
I don't know...I may set up shop in Boston for this one. Who wouldn't vote for a councilman that could toss a salad better than a Salad Work crew chief. Again I'm not trying to get swerved on. As a side note..I think I will check out this to see what's going down (no Young Joc). I heard this dude tried to prank Jigga but Jay supposedly tried to punk him..that's a story for another time. I guess. SMH. I heard this clip at

Stay Tuned!

I might be a lil premature in writing this but I am hearing talks of Jim Jones starring in a movie called Thug Passion along side Elise Neal. I heard Jim talking about this on a Hot 97fm interview some time I looked it up. No thug role this one is (Yoda talk).... Capo said he is going to be making love!!! According to IMDB; Jim is going to play a character called Devon and the movie is currently in production so some things can change. My niece said, (after I told her that I was going to see this joint....(F-all of yall. I am a Jim Jones fan) Whew... I said it now what?)I will be one out of 200. Yeah I laughed at that but oh well. More confessions from me.. I saw Killa Season 1 and am waiting for Killa Season 2. (Stop It) I can feel the jabbs being thrown.

Network TV Threw Me Under The Bus

Okay! Whose bright idea was it to put Sopranos on at the same time as Desperate Housewives. (no my cheap ass don't have Tivo) damn all of that. Be sensitive....or just use common sense. I know, I know.. I'm ranting, they will show Sopranos at least a dozen times and I can watch Desperate Housewives on, but oh well whatever to all that Sopranos won. I done dragged myself from under the bus. A little bruised I might add but at least I found my solution. My point to all of this was... Sopranos Final Season, 8 episodes only premiering April 8 @ 9pm. If the final episode was like the season finale to the last one. I will cancel my HBO subscription until the Wire comes on, no wait Entourage, umm no Big Love. All damn, I got issues. Fuggidaboudit!

Pimp'in Pimp'in

I Heard:
Katt Williams wrote and Eddie Murphy produced and both will star in a comedy titled Marshals a film about the first Black Marshals of the Old West. The film is in production under Dreamworks. Also Katt just recently kicked off his stand up comedy tour and recently shot Pimp Chronicles 2 in Chicago. Also look out for a rap CD from this newest member of the DipSet. If anybody missed it Katt was chained by Cam'ron (no homo) on the set of Pimp Chronicles 1. (Peep the BrydGang chain he is rocking)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Whose House?.....!!! Say What!


My source just told me that my favorite family show is coming back on. Can we all say yea! to Run's House. The show is scheduled to premire for season 3, Monday, April 9th on MTV.

Oh Look At All The Pretty Colors.

I told my a friend of mine about this last week and she refused to believe that Raphael would do such a thing. Well, well, it is...intertwined and all...Joss Stone and Raphael Saadiq. Supposedly this is the inside cover of the new Joss Stone CD.

Friday, March 16, 2007

No relevance what so ev. I just like Jim!!!

Jimmy has been quoted as saying:

"I been telling people that this music game is built on aggressive competition. Just like basketball is a full contact sport,“ he told MTV. “Sometime you might catch a elbow or a little foul pick. Most people that play the sport, they kill each other on the courts, afterwards it's all good. If that's the direction we going in, I'm good with it. Cam could never do no wrong in my eyes. If that's how he's feeling, that's how he's feeling. That's my brother. But it was two dons going at it — 50 and Cam — nobody else got in it. It's all good. Me, I'm into my money.”

Aww Hell to the Nizzaw! JUST LIKE THAT!

This ish is just not right- what's going on today. A video called Fox Attacking Blacks. I got this from under the youtube clip of the day. This is some serious sit back and think about what the heck is going on around you for your a double snakes. And not only are the white commentators putting in their two cents. It's some dark complected people on there too. So check it out and make your own assumption. Anything with Mark Furrham attached to it.. you know we need to do a serious "Radio Raheem" on those mofos. And for the record I don't eat KFC> It's Popeyes snitches.........and hold the hot sauce.

According to Bossip:
Some comments heard on the video:
Mark Fuhrman: “They will get up everyday, go kill somebody and then go have some chicken at KFC..”
Reverend Jesse Peterson: “They turned the Superdome into a ghetto in just 3 days.”
SMH at Reverend Peterson saying Barack Obama goes to a racist church. Fox News obviously loves that guy.


My good friend Mel. Just sent me an email with this link. All I have to say is my people, we need to stop this madness we are letting our children get wind of. I watched and laughed. Shame on me. But shame on the person who taped and posted this. Oh and shame on me for giving it to yall but damn all of that. I am in no way shape or form politcally correct....This lil boy needs a damn Tonka truck and some Hotwheels. Please keep him away from videos. Cause this is really to the left.

Weezy F Baby Come Get Your Lady

Lil Wayne must have taken on the Dylan persona, he must spit that hot fire and I'm not talking about rapping. Trina done wrote a song about her relationship with Weezy F Baby, like to hear it, hear it go...ahh haaa! . But no thanks Trina. Stop wasting studio time. You could have sent a Hall Mark on this one.

This just in. The internet is fast I say.... Lil Wayne's reply... Oh Weezy.

I'm just giving you the audio. If you want to know why all this is going down. (No Young Joc) check out
UPDATED: Listening twice to this. (Yeah I did) I think he is talking about Nivea. - Oh well maybe he recycled it just for Trina!!!

Aww Jay-He's Such a Grown Man!

Something touched me about this article. First off, why is she afraid for her life. I heard that old Joe (Camel) hit women but I didn't see him as the type to put a hit out on one. (Ducking for cover from all the daggers being thrown from the Jay-Z fans. ) Now Now Now, since he put out the last two or three CDs with his swagger jacking ass I haven't liked him so don't expect me to say something nice. I bumped Jay faithfully but he lost me somewhere around the Gift and the Curse with that Austin Powers ish. (Oh Behave)

Rosie Perez Ends Feud With Jay-Z
Jay-Z and actress Rosie Perez have ended their war of words after the White Men Can't Jump star criticized the rap mogul for his verbal attack on one-time rival Nas.
Puerto Rican Perez admits she feared for her life after making her feelings known in a XXL magazine article, but now she and Jay-Z are friends again after a surprise meeting backstage at a Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actress said, "He (Jay-Z) went below the belt by talking about Nas' ex-wife. I think Jay-Z is better than that. He doesn't have to resort to dissing another man's wife... I just thought it was a bitch move."
Perez, who featured in Jay-Z's Blueprint 2 song, admits mutual friends told her Jay-Z was far from happy about her comments and so she was delighted when the rapper greeted her warmly at the Cirque Du Soleil show. She added, "We hugged." - Then he took her for a ride.. Oh never mind!

The (OLD) Adventures of Dallas and Christina

I can hear my co-workers now. "Ya Lyin", "Reese is "hype williams" So if it came from my own mouth I get the backlash. I was checking out and this is what I found. Good old Dallas Austin and his very own smeagle Christina Aguilera, and she sings and dance too. I'm new to this so I will paste the link for you to check out this hot mess. Please believe me...

In Baby News

While driving in this morning I heard some news about a celebrity couple that has been together for a while now and I haven't heard any drama about them which is okay I guess. You know some peoples loves the dirt. But moving on. Listening to Tom Joyner, Jawn Murray (some in guy with the celebs.) Hey. I don't do homework.. said that Tamia and Grant Hill was expecting their second child. She's 4 months along.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Calvin Broadus as Niggaraci

Snoop is dropping a new album soon through Koch records. The album is set to drop on April 24th. See the track listing and scoop.

*As a side note. I see a couple of artist going to Koch... (Styles and Prodigy)According to Fifty it's a graveyard, Jay said he would buy it (more so to spite Jim) but who knows, the independent label may be on to something.

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno
Snoop Dogg just dropped Tha Blue Carpet Treatment four months and is already gearing up to drop another project. Under the guise of ‘Niggaraci’, Snoop executive produced, The Big Squeeze, a compilation featuring up and coming west coast emcees including Westurn Union, a new group featuring Soopafly, Damani and Bad Lucc.
The album is set to drop on April 24 through Koch Records and will also feature veteran west coast emcees MC Eiht, Kurupt, JT Tha Bigga Figga and Kam.
Here’s the tracklisting:

1. The Big Squeeze Intro (Snoop Dogg)2. Killaz (War Zone, Westurn Union, and Snoop Dogg)3. We Came to Bang Out (Dogg Pound, Soopafly, and Snoop Dogg)4. Shackled Up (War Zone)5. We Go Hard (Katt Williams, Soopafly, Kurupt, and Snoop Dogg)6. Hat 2 Tha Bacc (Westurn Union and Snoop Dogg)7. Pop Pop Bang! (Kurupt, Kam, and Snoop Dogg)8. 31 Flavors (Kurupt and Snoop Dogg)9. All About Damani (Damani and Snoop Dogg)10. Like Rock Stars (Bad Lucc, Damani, JT Tha Bigga Figga, Chuck, and Snoop Dogg)11. Spend Some Time (Ricky Harris, Chuck, Kurupt, Soopafly, and Snoop Dogg)12. F***in' Is Good for U (Damani, JT Tha Bigga Figga, Kurupt, Soopafly, and Snoop Dogg)13. Get Your Body Moving (MC Eiht, KAM, Chuck)14. Get Closer (Azure and Snoop Dogg)15. Can U Get Away? (Goldie Loc, Ray J, and Snoop Dogg)16. U In Trouble (Kurupt and Snoop Dogg)17. Mr. Vice President (JT Tha Bigga Figga)18. Get It Started (Azure and Snoop Dogg)19. Be Thankful (Terrace Martin, J. Black)


Ya Boy Canibus!

Okay! Why is Canibus looking like that african dude from the Gods Must Be Crazy. I don't know what is going on with this one. He got that African-Arabian crack head vibe going with just a touch of Ernest Hemmingway (For Whom the Bell Tolls) If your interested go to SMH!

This Ain't Right

I don't know what be on folks mind. But whoever is going around saying that Sinbad is dead need to stop. I be all over this web and if he died I would have known. Unless there is some late breaking news... ole boy is alive. I just don't know about his career.

Diddy Ain't about Nuthin

15th March 2007 06:23:50
Combs 'Still Tempted By Other Women'.
Hip-hop mogul SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS is still tempted by other women, regardless of his serious relationship with former model KIM PORTER.
The star admits he can't cope with monogamy - despite being the boyfriend of four years to Porter, the mother of his nine-year-old son CHRISTIAN and twin girls D'LILA and JESSIE, who were born in December (06).
And Combs confesses he can't even get ready for a night out without an all-female entourage keeping him company.
He says, "When I dress (he means preserve my sexy), I like to put on some MARVIN GAYE. I invite a few women into my room and we have a few drinks.

"We sort of have a little party getting dressed. For me, it has to be a very sensual experience, so of course I have to have some women around me as I dress. I don't just find women beautiful to look at - I love their company.
"I try to be good, I really do. But sometimes that's just too hard." Who is he kidding!!! Oh yeah! KIM

I Tried

This will be my second time starting a blog. I know who cares. But I just couldn't help myself. My friends need me. (So I've been told) So for all my folks that loves the ignorance. I have it for ya.