Monday, April 30, 2007

Spoken Word -- Taalam Acey

I had to put his poem up. My sistahs, listen to this brother, he made a tear slide out of myleft eye with that last line. MY Oh MY!

Market for Ni$$as

"Speak the Truth and you shall be heard. Listen to the Truth and you shall be Free"-Reese

Friday, April 27, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bizzy Bone -Yes! The Eww Wee Got Em

I think Bizzy is a little possessed but I can't help but to entertain him. It's a little long but quite interesting. It's a wild ride so HOLD ON!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Russell Will Snitch

Why wasn't Russell invited to 60 Minutes. This is what I'm talking about. They pushed the more intelligent conversation to CNN. Damn DA MAN.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bizzy Bone - Speaking On Bone Thugs

Bizzy must have channeled his CRAZY inner Gay Preacher. I don't know what happened to Bizzy, he must be drinking that liquid eww wee. FOREAL! Somebody needs to help Bizzy. I'm holding a rally this Saturday, bring your lighters, we'll be doing a save Bizzy Bone rendition of The Cross Roads. FOREAL!

Monday, April 23, 2007


Doo Rags that is. There was a mild discussion about Bleek yesterday and his infamous DooRag. Well needless to say, we was murking dude about how he still rock doo rags like they are the ish. Well I'm riding for them damn doo rags now after seeing this picture. Now all M.Dot gots to do is holla at Ray Charles Jr. aka Rich Boy and throw some D's his way, all colors Bleek don't be selfish cause with craniums like these...whoa! As a side note, is this why Rich Boy head always seems a little to the side, to heavy to stay up on the neck?

"Richard" is a Powerful Thing



Alexyss K Tylor Vagina Power. She is back at again yall. Check it out.

A Nigga Moment

Ok! So I watched 60 Minutes and the whole Stop Snitch'n effort. I was dumbfounded for one, who the hell is Cam'ron's manager? He should have never been advised to do this interview, the answer should have been a flat out no. Why? If he doesn't live under a rock he knows that Hip Hop has been on the proverbial chopping block since Don Imus called intellectual and talented Black women of Rutgers "nappy headed hoes". This my friends was a set up. Did Cam make hip hop look bad? Yes and No. Yes because it just adds fuel to the fire of how idiotic rap has become in the past few years and no because his words are not the absolute Gospel according to Hip Hop (although some may think that it is). Hip Hop has long since gone bad, he just put another log on the fire to make it burn faster. The bigger issue here is the code of ethics NO Snitching and if you do you are labeled as a RAT, people won't break bread with you let alone talk to you, you become out casted. This has gone on longer and way before Hip Hop came into existence, it's just more prominent now because people want street cred but at what cost. It has been said time and time again if you tell on somebody you are considered a snitch, hence there goes your street cred. When we were children the code was nobody likes a tattle tale, snitches get stitches and sleep in ditches. It is pumped into us from the time that we start talking and thinking logically for our own selves. So where do we draw the line? Does Cam'ron speak for the entire Hip Hop nation? Maybe, did he make Blacks look bad doing it? That's questionable, you have to form your own opinion, will this stop people from buying and listening to Hip Hop? Flat out no. This segment was a waste of TV time and I'm sorry that I tuned in for it. Sad to say, this is not going to go away and good ole Cam wore the jack ass suit and heaved us all into a whirlwind of a classic Boondocks Nigga Moment.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Trey Songz and Jim Jones

I don't know what it is about Trey and Jim but they make some nice collabos together. Check out Trey's new song Fly Together. and if you don't know what I mean check out Summer Wit Miami.
I swear I need to learn of a better way to but these links up. I'm feeling really focked up right now.

Cam'ron on 60 Minutes

Cam'ron is being slandered all around the board on multiple blogs today for his Not Snitching code of ethics. Although his remarks may be a little uncanny, folks are so duplicitous. First they bashed him for dry snitching, now they want him to snitch. Which one is it? Anderson Cooper from 60 Minutes asked him if he knew a serial killer was living next door to him would he tell the police. LMAO! Cam said no, he would probably move. Ok Killa! But come on, hypothetical or not, all of your favorite rappers talk about not snitching, according to the Negro census, it's the code of the streets. Yall, n-words know yall got Lil Larry living next door that killed 8 mofos and yall look up to this dude as gangsta in the hood. Bite Me! I am not advocating for Cam, but what do you expect from "The Man", when Hip Hop is under the "it ain't ish" microscope, go get one of the most talked about as being ig'nant (place any Imus word here) in the game. The episode is scheduled to air on Sunday, April 22 at 7pm, est on CBS. Watch a snippet of his interview here.


You know what it is. Can't do Mass Appeal without DWYCK, I would be labeled as insane.


Gang Starr-Mass Appeal

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Akon Word? Not From Me....

Akon was performing in Zen Trinidad and he must have caught a sympton of that BHD and had to relive the itching. Well the way he jack rabbitted this poor girl(who is allegedly supposed to be 14yrs old)around the stage, took me back to the scene when Damon Wayans was humping that rabbit in the movie Colors. If she is 14 I can't tell which doesn't make this situation any better however, this was far more entertaining than that damn Ray J tape. Akon word of advice for your black ash, NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THIS EVAH!

Some Ish Just Ain't Right

I was over at, my fave spot for hip hop and I came across this article regarding Tony Yayo. The article states that last night his mother's house was riddled with bullets. Read the full story here Although if Tony slapped up Jimmy Henchman's kid, the retaliation should not be taken this far. I hope for one that this is not related in anyway, but my guess is that it could very well be. What happened to the Scarface code...NO Women, NO Children. Come on rap "gangstas" get a grip!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This video is funny and being talked about on blogs everywhere...this sistah is speaking on the ideals of the power of the Penis and Vagina and she mentions that good ole *BHD that I tells my people about.
*Burning Hot Ding-a-Ling...(although that can be BAD!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bitch Etiquette

Remy Ma was on Wendy Williams today talking about her new found freedom from Fat Joe, apparently Remy has been let out of her contract and she is free to do whatever it is that she does as far as her spit game. So big ups to that but she said as far as Fat Joe was concerned and these are my words, that in her contract she was not allowed to record with Curtis (50 Cent) and she couldn't get any beats from Hovac of Mob Deep or intermingle with any G-Unit affiliates. For these rappers to be hardcore dudes they practice a lot of Bitch Etiquette. Speaking of which, ya boul Tru Life is in the news again, this dude eat so much meat (and I ain't saying no homo) it's crazy, supposedly he has a video out dissing Snoop and now there are talks that he came down to a photo shoot that Jim Jones was at and a bunch of his crew tried to jump Jim and snatch his chain. Word out now is that he is crew deep. Again classic Bitch Etiquette.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Check out some more footage of the actual team. I likes!!!

Freestyle Rolling

I am really feeling this freestyle rolling. Dipskate and Ramelle Knight is fiyah. I haven't been on a pair of skates in a minute. This is just like my Stomp the Yard phase. I came out the movie theatre wanting to go back to college to pledge some sorority. Now freestyling rolling got me wanting to put on a pair of white roller skates with my purple pom poms with the bells on the front and attempt to get off the sidewalk. Watch out now! Reese rolling...IN EFFECt!

Is It Ray J

I got an email from an unknown source so I can't mention it here but I will post what was sent to me.
Which R&B singer likes to drop ecstasy in the studio and fool around with his posse as if it doesn't count as gay because they're all taking drugs? Wonder if he knows there's security camera footage?

Now know one is saying any names but the email that I got said that it is Ray J. My source says: This is NO secret in Los Angeles. I have heard several reports of this from some very reliable music people. I am also told that is part of the reason Ray J was so quick to sell the Kim Kardashian tape to serve as a preventive strike against any news of his gay dealings with his boys getting out

True Story! I saw the tape, and that wack sex game Ray J has and all the edits with the same footage in different spots to make it seem like Ray was getting it in. MAN PLEASE! He seriously needs to step his game UP! Oh I jacked the picture too, cause I just love his come hither or should I see hit him look.

Pretty Boy Vs Golden Boy 2 of My Favorites

By now everyone should know about the upcoming bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Oscar De La Hoya. (May 5th on PPV) Now I must admit both of these are my favorites so I'm having a hard time picking a contender to yell my head off at and last night watching 24/7 on HBO didn't make it any better. As normal should I ride it out with my usual Pretty Boy? Watching him last night with has arrogant swagger confused me even more cause I liked it to a fault, cause he hangs out with Cuurrtis, so with both of them on screen I was arrogance out. Oscar seemed a little more mellow. I don't know, I can't wait to see this fight though, I'm not getting anything out of it but a rush from the love of the sport so well see.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Mr. Turner - Drunk Driver or (Misunderstood) Gangsta?



Jawn had a I Can't Say Names article on his Buzz regarding a certain R&B singer quitting the music business to enroll in nursing school. Okay here is where it gets interesting. He had a list of names that included, Tierra Marie, Sharissa, Shae Jones, Ashanti and Solange Knowles listed to vote on which one you thought it was. I'm just saying Jawn, where was the all of the above button cause in my very honest opinion four out of the five could flip burgers, anything may be an improvement than any of them singing. WHAT? I'M JUST SAYING!

Speaking of Jay

(Cover of Hip Hop Weekly)
Jay Z got a new song coming out called Billie Jean 07. You know, Billie Jean not my lover, just a girl who think I am the one, but the kid is not my son. Unhuh. Look for that to drop. I figure it would start out like... "What do you want me to do I'M SORRY! But I digress:
I wasn't going to even entertain this because of the child. Yeah, yeah, I will have typical office chatter about this but come on Jay. Look at this kid. I don't know what anybody else sees, but clearly he looks like Jay to me. I'm saying, get on your Spike Lee dude and DO THE RIGHT THING! That little weak statement about the rumors of the 1 mill was nuthin, but this picture right here dude, this picture right here, is suspect.

Tell Me Some Ish We Didn't Know

Ya Boy Hov! Was nominated on the Top 100 Unsexiest List.
Come on now, yall they reaching, dude was like number 56 or something like that. Jay know he ain't cute, that's why he is constantly flossing in all those rhymes he putting out, this is why he is constantly reminding yall dudes that he got the hottest chick in the game. I won't front on Jay, he had a swagger before he started acting Grown up. Then it was like being called Daddy went to Granddaddy!!!


Channel Live- Mad Izm (Feat. KRS-One)

Friday, April 6, 2007


Might as well throw it back on Real Hip Hop Friday with Cam. It's a classic yall! Take it for what it is.

Cam Ron - Child of The Ghetto

I don't know about what anybody else thinks but I find Cam'ron to be funny as all get out. He called in to Hot 97 the day after 50 Cent was on 4/4 again talking about him. Now from my perspective nobody won this little back and forth thing they got going on but Cam'ron is hella funny doing his part. He said that he has an album coming out in July called Courtesy Curtis and on Youtube he has a channel called Diplomat-Koch TV with a sitcom called Curtis. Here lately Cam sounds like he's trying to get his old swagger back. I guess all the people that clowned him for that wack flow he was giving off, kind of pumped him up a bit. If not JR Writer is getting hella paid for his ghostwriting technique. Whatever the case may be I love ignorance so I will be all up and through this getting my laugh off. Smell Me!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Nick Cannon's Short Circuitz

Nick Cannon has a new sketch comedy showing premiering tonight on MTV at 9:30pm check it out.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Halle Wood

Halle Berry received the 2333rd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday in Los Angeles in front of the Kodak Theatre.

Momma Faith

Faith Evans gave birth to her 4th child, a son, Ryder Evan Russaw. Ryder is Faith's 4th child and her second with her husband Todd Russaw.


Keith Richards guitarist for the Rolling Stones has admitted to snorting cocaine mixed with his father's ashes. So this just furthers my claim that even rich white folk can do some i'gnant things too. There I said it.

Shawty What You Thank

Ok....KKK. I was over at mediatakeout and they had some really funny pics up of what is supposed to be Lil Scrappy kissing another guy. I find this to be funny. Not because of the content. You can't tell if it's Scrappy or not (a lil resemblance) but the guy in the Hello Kitty shirt. HELLLO! This pic alone made it worth posting up. I can only say one thing. It's a lot of folks out here that looks like somebody. Shoot my baby daddy look like Method Man. You don't see me starting any rumors. (Can I get paid if I do?) Naw just sued. (Leaving that one alone.)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Research and then Purchase

I am an equal opportunity post-est so I speak my mind about everybody even those that I like if that is a term to use. So I'm poking around on the Internet yesterday and my daughter and I come across Jim Jones' new clothing line Nostic. (Jim is wearing it (well) in picture). Looking at the array of colors for the shirts , (because we didn't get a close up view, until I checked it out today) my daughter is like, I like that. So I'm checking it out. Well the bigger picture in all of this. I am a conscious mother and I need to be made aware of what I'm buying my daughter. The clothes are nice but after looking into what Nostic or Gnostic is. I am shying away from this for my daughter because it coincides with our beliefs. Now I am not knocking any body's beliefs or hustle. I urge all who is interested to look into it and do your own thing. I think from a business stand point its a cool idea. My only advice is... with anything that you plan to purchase check it out first. I was getting ready to buy and not even know what the ideal of the apparel meant that I was putting on my child.


It's been pretty slow in the world of entertainment here lately. So I figure I will post some random ish today. The rich must be hibernating because no one has showcased any real ignorance in the past few days or it may be not newsworthy. So if you care.

I wasn't going to entertain the Tony Yayo saga and his man-handling of Jimmy Henchmen's 14 year old son. But...there was a protest in New York yesterday April 2 to boycott G-Unit, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo in front of Universal records where protesters consisting of mainly Hip Hop fans and activist smashed CDs and ripped G-Unit tee-shirts to shreds while donning Ban 50 shirts and carrying Save Our Kids signs. Of course Rev Al Sharpton was on hand to offer some words of well...I don't know. It didn't make any sense to me and I quote "We put the i-n-g in your bling bling and we can take the i-n-g out of your bling bling. HUNH! Well none-the-less it was a peaceful demonstration. No one was hurt except for 50 Cent who seems to be dragged all up and through this. I don't know what he expects. He is the boss and Yayo is his toy soldier. It doesn't matter to me why it all went down, the fact remains is somebody needs to be held accountable and this is just one more fact to post up that some Hip Hop artist don't care about kids that buy their music. Yayo should have been banned along time ago for that damn So Seductive song...dancing like Flava Flav and for saying "Ladies tell the truth. You know I'm cute." SMDH. Lock him up and throw away the key.

Snoop Dogg Says: ''F*ck Bill O'Reilly!''

The internet is talking about Dutch TV and the Snoop Double Gizzle himself and his comments regarding Bill O Reilly. Pretty entertaining Snoop is. Check it out.