Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Uncle Wayne likes them Lightskinded with Curly Hair

I told yall Uncle Wayne got issues. Did he get a whiff of Peedi's April Freshness? Blowing Kisses and a couple peeps at that sweet yellow nectar. Oh Lawd Ham Mercy!!! Note to Beans, I ain't seen Kanye or Pharell do this.....

Friday, May 25, 2007

Jaz and Jay-Z- Hawaiian Sophie



Poor Righteous Teachers - Shakyilah.
*I could not find Rock This Funky Joint. But PRT is hot nonetheless.

Ain't Nuthin' Like the Make Up Sex

I read on several sites today the Lil Wayne and Trina had a make out session at one of his shows. It seems that Weezy F Baby was performing a song called of all things Prostitute and Trina was in attendance so being the smooove playa that he is he turned to her and said, Even if you are a Prostitute (giggles) I would still love you (or something to that effect) and she came on stage doing her Here we Go bit, blah, blah, blah, whatever is how it goes but I digress. Well Trina forgot the words, they had the I'm so in love stare down and then proceeded to swap spit on stage in front of the whole audience. I even heard that tears were flowing from Weezy, Trina and they fans. All I got to say is ain't Black love grand. Where the heck were the cameras? I would have loved to see this ish. I got goosebumps.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am just going to supply you all with the link and you can hear the diss track, and get some lyrics that was posted up along with the diss and get to talking after that. I laugh at the Jay Z part because well it's funny... they used to call him Sophie. Oh my goodness! They should have released this ish right chere.....http://www.realtalkny.net/2007/05/topic/artists/jay-z/the-game-dissing-50-cent-jay-z-suge-whats-new/. Game came at 50 and Em, Jay and Suge. SMH!

*Now are Jay's grown ass kids, Ty Ty, Bleek, Beans and I'm at a lost for the last one, this was supposed to be on Dr. Advocate CD so it could be Mr. Bitch Etiquette (Tru Life).

Uncle Wayne dissing the Set

I don't agree with a lot of things old Uncle Wayne does but when his in the booth he get's it in and now he is gunnin' at Capo. I told yall a minute ago, when he came back for them Dipset Boys, he was coming. I hate this irregular, inconsistent back and forth that I have with the Broad Street bully with his old a$$ but I got to give credit where it is due and yall know how I gets down with Capo. Listen here....http://www.zshare.net/audio/20007745f20d7e/

Monday, May 21, 2007

Who Can it Be???

I saw a blind item over at allhiphop that said....

I CAN'T SAY NAMES! I heard a certain New York rapper got beat down in his own city. I mean, stuff happens. I heard he was pulled out of his car and served. Sad. -allhiphop.com

Now because it's slow. I feel like playing the guessing game. I can only hope that this comes out. It's a lot of NY rappers but only few have been prone to getting some ack right here lately.. Let's automatically eliminate Killa Cam (shook my head as I wrote that one) cause he's on vacation uh humm " probation" and take a look at these top contenders.

Why these you ask?
1) Yayo needs his butt whooped for that ladies tell the truth So Seductive line (it will never get old)
2) I don't have all day on "I ain't got no CD MAN!" Tru Life, he needs a butt whooping for hating contender 3 for promoting gang violence but he the only broke mofo out robbing and beating down folks. (see contender #3)
3) Jimmy.. I really don't know, folks like messing with his cute ass and since Cam is uh hum away, then why not? Better yet, he gets one for cutting that facial hair off.
4) Good ole I get suckas beat down at the Rucka ( again see contender 3) but my real job is shaking it Mystical fast (naked and towel props a must) for my homies and some Becky's that I just threw in the mix to ooh let's say camouflage the fact that I do this for my boys on the regulars, cause they loves it. So yeah this one needs a good old fashion towel whooping. Every pun intended, Lil Cease.

Words of Wisdom from Old A$$ Uncle Wayne

Who told Old Uncle Wayne that he brought sexy back with them standard Rx glasses and that tan shirt that came from the old Strawbridges basement that used to be on Cottman Ave. Jay need to step his homies dress game up. See what happens when you s**t on Dame. Dame had this fool in three piece suits. I'm guessing he was as high as he was in the video when he put that mess on from the State Property Old Man Line.

He must be trying to promote himself and his CD that Jay ain't never gonna drop cause he comes fiercely at Kanye and Pharrell for wearing tight clothes and Louis Vuttion. Beans need to stick to rapping or giving out whoopings, cause reality show Straight Guy with a Queer Eye ain't gonna work.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Kid N Play - Rollin With Kid N Play


Something needs to be said about a man that issues threats in boxers, wife beater and socks. Is Killa sending a subliminal message to Capo, Curtis and Tru Life? He's off probation and off vacation and coming back with a vengeance. In the process can this nucca body that rootie, tootie flow and revive that 357 swagger. I miss that like this nucca missed the memo that tight boxers and wife beaters with socks and talking greasy is so not Gangsta. Somebody looking real unfamiliar right now. Cam is that you? I,I can't... is that KILLA?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Super Heros

Now I am sorry but I had to swagger jack these pictures. I don't know what the bloody ell is going on with these two but I swear this could be a blockbuster hit.
R Kelly starring as Purple Passion Super Thug, he kills you with his death ray - The piss-on-ater and his trusty sidekick Andre Benjamin as Sea Bass the Fisherman. This mofo looks like he is constantly saying huh???? Aww hell he can just drive the getaway boat.

Cuuuurtis (Fitty Cent) -Candy Shop Part 6

I am so freakin mad at this video. Why is this dude A) singing B) doing the Candy Shop Dance C) And I am booing this mofo for being cut up like a bag of dope (which ain't bad) but they got his black ass shined down with monkey oil. I have two words Hated It.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Adventures of Lil Cease and His Magical Snake

This must be expose the rappers week. Well I say, as I throw up a little confetti, keep up the good work. I'm throwing back shots of Poland Spring water now as we speak. (Can't get diluted at work) anyway...Lil Cease likes to get his shake on, venture on over to: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/home.php/french-from-cocaine-city-exposes-lil-cease-not-safe-for-straight-men-caught-butt-naked.html and check out the video of Cease A Leo, shaking his Anaconda (more like a rattle snake not quite garden, somewhere in between) for the ummm ladies. Seriously it's like three or four ladies in the room and three dudes and the dudes are cheering and jeering and snapping their fingers and making comments about the Anaconda (snicker) louder than the ladies. Only thing that was missing was a Luke song (I'm thinking the lyrics face down, umm ass up, you know the rest) and Pac Man Jones making it rain on this nappy headed hoe! (Damn you Don Imus) NSFW AND Straight Men. I give this video two snaps and a twirl. Oh and the CD cover is a whole other post with in itself.

Take That, Take That

There are no words for this picture. I just don't understand what could be said about this. It could be all innocent, HOWEVER! I am starting to hear "Secret Lovers" play slowly in the background.
So although I say there are no words. I miraculously found some. Let's see, 1) Hip Hop version of Broke Back Mountain - Vegas Desert addition. 2) The anticipation is building so intensely that Diddy had to bite his bottom lip to keep from screaming. OK! I'm going to stop, I'm actually grossing myself out with my thoughts.

Only 3 Eposides Left

If anybody saw this Sunday's episode of Sopranos then you know that the show brought out that hot fire this weekend by having Tony kill off Christopher. Didn't see that one coming did ya? Start making conclusions right about now...

See! What had Happened Was...

This past weekend an interesting story emerged. It seems that good brother Pastor Murda Mase, let's pause for this (Bad Bad Bad Bad Boy, you make me feel so gooood) was in the ATL and cruising for a little late night action when he side swiped a Range Rover making an illegal right hand turn after scoring big for the night by picking up a Trannie. http://www.zshare.net/audio/ryancameronshowv103-51107-mp3.html Listen to the audio by clicking the link and hear for yourself.

Friday, May 11, 2007

First the Fat Boys...Now This

Okay, I wasn't going to comment on this because I think it's a bunch of bull crap, so bear with me as I take out my Dip Set photo book and light my candles and lower myself into fetal position with my Kleenex as I silently hum the words to It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday. There was talks that there is beef between "brovas" Jim and Cam'ron of the Diplomats. And this is old news but there is really nothing going on today... Jim was supposed to go on the Funk Flex show after talking to Ms. Info, stating that he hasn't spoken to Cam'ron in over a year despite the fact that if you look at the different interviews that have been conducted by both, they claim to really love each other. (NO HOMO) I had to say that or I might get swerved on by The Goonies. In my opinion I think that this is a stunt to take the attention away from Cam'ron for his 60 Minutes bit and the fact that there was an altercation between him Tru Life and Cam'ron took a shot in the a** (again NO HOMO). So Jim has taken one for the team and has chosen to spill his insides in classic Bitch Etiquette form (No Tru Life) , but at this point is choosing to remain silent so that Duke Da God (smh) can promote Dip Set More Than Music, whichever volume they are on at this time. So apparently we will have to wait to hear the outcome of all of this and blah, blah, blah ... After writing all of this I'm sad that I did. Stick a fork in me, cause I'm done!


Eric B and Rakim - I Ain't No Joke
Check out Flav getting busy!

What CD???

You know it is a slow day, even though I haven't blogged in like it seems ever! Thanks to Earthlink and my damn computer. But any who....I read that Def Jam had some major layoffs and they laid off all of the Roc La Familla staff. Well Mr. Bitch Etiquette himself may be getting axed before he can even put out a CD. So you all know that I am talking about Mr. Stop the Gang Violence and then he goes and jumps on Killa Cam "allegedly" for no apparent reason, yes I'm talking about Tru Life. Peep dude holding up the L- is this for loser?They say the people don't know you better than your own self. I can say that he took to promoting himself in a major way. Dissing Jim and Cam, allegedly robbing Jim of jewelry and allegedly giving Cam'ron a nice little shiner to go with his bling bling and he still hasn't dropped, well Tru, I guess your only alternative now is to body someone (I'm not advocating violence) because after this it's going to be Who? Tru Life Who? Tru Life Who? Or as Jay would say who is Jim Jones ask Jay-Z well who is Tru Life? Ask Jim Jones. Sad! Maybe he can go to Koch. I'm just saying his career died before it took off.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Big Daddy

Let's take a break from As the ASS Whoopins Commence (our regularly scheduled program starring Killa Cam and Tru Life) to announce an I heard.... Well I heard that Patti Jackson announced that Jay Z will be making a statement regarding his "son" Isa. I am still using quotes. Supposedly he is going to admit that the kid is his (Damn that Billie Jean song) and I know there will not be a mention about the $4000 that he "supposedly" pays in child support that's $48,0000 a year. Now, granted I believe that this is enough to raise a 6 year old but shouldn't little Isa be spending more than 3 times a year with "Daddy"? Oh my if this is his son, Ty Ty gets more play time with daddy than little Isa. RAISE YOUR SEED!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I'll Whip Ya Head Boy!

According to sohh.com, Cam'ron and Tru Life got into a bit of a scuffle last night outside of Club Stereo in New York. Apparently Tru Life stepped to Cam about what was being said on mix tapes, the argument got heated and Tru Life hit Cam and the cops broke it up. Ed Lover reported this incident on his radio show this morning stating that he spoke to Jim Jones and Tru Life. I keep telling people, Tru Life is the definition of Tru bitch etiquette. And Cam, I'm shocked he should have beat the breaks off of him. Let me find out Tru life saw the cops pulling up and he hauled off and hit Cam. I think they all need to line it up and get it off the chest before somebody get shot. Yall gangstas? Well get it in. I'm not a Tru fan ( he ain't even got no CD out) see how ignorance breed, that didn't sound right...but dang he seems to be winning.

Update: Tru Life Speaks on altercation with Ed Lover...He said he punched Cam in the eye and Cam started to cry...LOL! This is like a soap opera

Update 2: Ms. Info has some information on the altercation. Heck yeah I'm following this one to the finish. Tru Life asked for $20,000 to give Jim's ring back..He ain't a rapper, he's a thief, picking on Jimmy and Cam for promoting violence, wait, he is the one starting all this ish, violent little hemorrhoid. Listen here...http://www.zshare.net/audio/missinfo-mp3.html

First Outsourcing-Now this...

The Eagles have ended Dhani Jones' three year linebacker career in this city. I know, I know it is truly a sad day for me. First my night was ruined by Earthlink and then I come across this. This may not mean anything to the rest of you, but Dhani was one of my favorites. I loved his wild hair and bow ties. I will truly miss my Number 55. I hope McNabb is up to start because all this mixing up better lead us to victory next season. No Jeff Garcia, No Dhani... I'm protesting! No Dhani, No Re-Run, No Rent! No Dhani, No Re-Run, No Rent!!


Check out Noe! He is with BrydGang and he sounds a lot like Jay Z. I know you Jigga fans are going to have a fun with this one.