Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Adventures of Lil Cease and His Magical Snake

This must be expose the rappers week. Well I say, as I throw up a little confetti, keep up the good work. I'm throwing back shots of Poland Spring water now as we speak. (Can't get diluted at work) anyway...Lil Cease likes to get his shake on, venture on over to: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/home.php/french-from-cocaine-city-exposes-lil-cease-not-safe-for-straight-men-caught-butt-naked.html and check out the video of Cease A Leo, shaking his Anaconda (more like a rattle snake not quite garden, somewhere in between) for the ummm ladies. Seriously it's like three or four ladies in the room and three dudes and the dudes are cheering and jeering and snapping their fingers and making comments about the Anaconda (snicker) louder than the ladies. Only thing that was missing was a Luke song (I'm thinking the lyrics face down, umm ass up, you know the rest) and Pac Man Jones making it rain on this nappy headed hoe! (Damn you Don Imus) NSFW AND Straight Men. I give this video two snaps and a twirl. Oh and the CD cover is a whole other post with in itself.

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