Monday, May 21, 2007

Who Can it Be???

I saw a blind item over at allhiphop that said....

I CAN'T SAY NAMES! I heard a certain New York rapper got beat down in his own city. I mean, stuff happens. I heard he was pulled out of his car and served. Sad.

Now because it's slow. I feel like playing the guessing game. I can only hope that this comes out. It's a lot of NY rappers but only few have been prone to getting some ack right here lately.. Let's automatically eliminate Killa Cam (shook my head as I wrote that one) cause he's on vacation uh humm " probation" and take a look at these top contenders.

Why these you ask?
1) Yayo needs his butt whooped for that ladies tell the truth So Seductive line (it will never get old)
2) I don't have all day on "I ain't got no CD MAN!" Tru Life, he needs a butt whooping for hating contender 3 for promoting gang violence but he the only broke mofo out robbing and beating down folks. (see contender #3)
3) Jimmy.. I really don't know, folks like messing with his cute ass and since Cam is uh hum away, then why not? Better yet, he gets one for cutting that facial hair off.
4) Good ole I get suckas beat down at the Rucka ( again see contender 3) but my real job is shaking it Mystical fast (naked and towel props a must) for my homies and some Becky's that I just threw in the mix to ooh let's say camouflage the fact that I do this for my boys on the regulars, cause they loves it. So yeah this one needs a good old fashion towel whooping. Every pun intended, Lil Cease.

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