Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I'll Whip Ya Head Boy!

According to sohh.com, Cam'ron and Tru Life got into a bit of a scuffle last night outside of Club Stereo in New York. Apparently Tru Life stepped to Cam about what was being said on mix tapes, the argument got heated and Tru Life hit Cam and the cops broke it up. Ed Lover reported this incident on his radio show this morning stating that he spoke to Jim Jones and Tru Life. I keep telling people, Tru Life is the definition of Tru bitch etiquette. And Cam, I'm shocked he should have beat the breaks off of him. Let me find out Tru life saw the cops pulling up and he hauled off and hit Cam. I think they all need to line it up and get it off the chest before somebody get shot. Yall gangstas? Well get it in. I'm not a Tru fan ( he ain't even got no CD out) see how ignorance breed, that didn't sound right...but dang he seems to be winning.

Update: Tru Life Speaks on altercation with Ed Lover...He said he punched Cam in the eye and Cam started to cry...LOL! This is like a soap opera

Update 2: Ms. Info has some information on the altercation. Heck yeah I'm following this one to the finish. Tru Life asked for $20,000 to give Jim's ring back..He ain't a rapper, he's a thief, picking on Jimmy and Cam for promoting violence, wait, he is the one starting all this ish, violent little hemorrhoid. Listen here...http://www.zshare.net/audio/missinfo-mp3.html

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