Friday, May 11, 2007

What CD???

You know it is a slow day, even though I haven't blogged in like it seems ever! Thanks to Earthlink and my damn computer. But any who....I read that Def Jam had some major layoffs and they laid off all of the Roc La Familla staff. Well Mr. Bitch Etiquette himself may be getting axed before he can even put out a CD. So you all know that I am talking about Mr. Stop the Gang Violence and then he goes and jumps on Killa Cam "allegedly" for no apparent reason, yes I'm talking about Tru Life. Peep dude holding up the L- is this for loser?They say the people don't know you better than your own self. I can say that he took to promoting himself in a major way. Dissing Jim and Cam, allegedly robbing Jim of jewelry and allegedly giving Cam'ron a nice little shiner to go with his bling bling and he still hasn't dropped, well Tru, I guess your only alternative now is to body someone (I'm not advocating violence) because after this it's going to be Who? Tru Life Who? Tru Life Who? Or as Jay would say who is Jim Jones ask Jay-Z well who is Tru Life? Ask Jim Jones. Sad! Maybe he can go to Koch. I'm just saying his career died before it took off.

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Anonymous said...

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