Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Big Daddy

Let's take a break from As the ASS Whoopins Commence (our regularly scheduled program starring Killa Cam and Tru Life) to announce an I heard.... Well I heard that Patti Jackson announced that Jay Z will be making a statement regarding his "son" Isa. I am still using quotes. Supposedly he is going to admit that the kid is his (Damn that Billie Jean song) and I know there will not be a mention about the $4000 that he "supposedly" pays in child support that's $48,0000 a year. Now, granted I believe that this is enough to raise a 6 year old but shouldn't little Isa be spending more than 3 times a year with "Daddy"? Oh my if this is his son, Ty Ty gets more play time with daddy than little Isa. RAISE YOUR SEED!

1 comment:

wheatgerm said...

It all goes back to that shaq song 'biological did'nt bother'