Friday, July 20, 2007

Do You Know This Man?

Well if you don't you're missing out on 2 vital pieces of information.

1 )He plays Eric on one of the hottest shows on HBO now and that's Entourage and 2) Suge Knight bit the sugar honey ice tea out of him at a party. Apparently Suge parties like a white star, totally dude and has been hanging out with Paris (I'm racist and Negros still love me) Hilton. And he got into a little play fighting match with Kevin Connolly (Eric) and channeled his inner Mike Tyson and bit the crap out of his finger. This only leaves me with one assumption Suge is Big and he's Black, these fools wasn't serving no chicken oh and apparently Suge likes the white meat instead of the dark.
SMH- this whole post was so racist on so many levels. Shame on me.

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