Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Suge Needs Pac

Suge Knight is going around biting people in more than one fashion. Due to his bankruptcy, his label Death Row Records Inc is trying to sell off unreleased recordings of Tupac as part of a bankruptcy settlement. According to the article on yahoo news Afeni Shakur has filed an injunction to have the sell of the recordings halted citing that they belong to the estate of Tupac. The state of Los Angles will decide within a month on whether it is permissible or not for the label to release Tupac recordings to help pay of the debt of the label.

My, My the release of never heard before Tupac material will sell out faster than blonde hair weave at the local Cra-ze Wave round here. Suge could make a lot of money off of this, probably enough to settle his debt, pay of Afeni and up his stock in partying in Paris - Hilton.

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