Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MTV's Hottest MCs airs July 29

Do you see this guy? He popped up at #10 on MTV's hottest MC list and n-words is going crazy. Now we all know I am a Jim Jones fan (so what) and I know that he is not the most lyrical rapper however....Jimmy has swagger, forget Ballin. Which made him hot but he has this umph that draws you into him when he is rapping of course. And what remix has he not been on. Him and Lil Wayne is killing it right now. So let's face facts, he went Gold, his ring tone went crazy and he is now officially called the remix ridah man. ( Alright I made that up). Plus he got a cosign from the King of the South,Co-Signer: T.I."Jim got his swag together this year. He really popped himself off. He's [a hustler] like Jeezy — when people first started hearing about Jeezy, it wasn't for rapping. I think Jim gets the same ... that goes with street cred. Street cred and swagger. That's why I feel he should be high up on the list. I mean, he had a hit record: A no-brainer, an unadulterated hit record, not just something that some people liked and it got drilled into your head so much you got forced to like it. You gotta give credit when credit is due." go over to and check it out. I may touch on why people are now mentioning Nas and Jay Z when Jim's name is mentioned and that says a lot. Hate Me!

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