Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sprint Says Kick Boulders

Sprint has decided to send at least 1200 of it's most complaining customers a letter stating that they will terminate service for calling the Customer Support line excessively. Many of the customers called at least 40 to 50 times a month. Sprint also said due to the amount of calls they felt that the customers were not happy with the service so they could take their asses somewhere else. Okay I added the take your ass somewhere else part, but you get the drift. I wish I knew this, I would have been calling Sprint everyday because I have major issues with these mofos but calling Sprint gets you 2 more years added to your contract. Call Sprint to change your zip code, 2 more years. For all those fortunate to make the cut, I have these words for you...It's A Celebration Bitches.

(Thanks Kia for the tip)

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