Friday, July 6, 2007

T. I. And T. I. P

I am starting to get confused on who be showing up at these events. It seems if nothing pops off, It's T.I. But if there is ass to be whooped it's T. I. P. Well TI or Tip sat down and talked to AHH about the Chaka Zulu "incident" and TI said that he felt that Chaka was disrespecting him so TIP showed up and give Chaka the five fingers because TIP demands respect.

I feel you TIP, I was at the McDonalds the other day getting me a Big Kids Meal (snicker) and the chick behind the counter wanted to act like she didn't understand what I was saying. My alter ego Reese was about to jump up and say "I will McNugget a hoe around here if I don't get what I want." But I had to cool her out before they executed get back and I didn't get my happy meal toy.

*As a side note, TI vs TIP is moving mad units. I read that he is on his way to cracking the 500 thousand mark. Which would give him a better opening week then Kingdom Done, I mean Come. I can only imagine that TI didn't buy up half of his CD's like Jiggaman did to push them sells up. I heard Kingdom Come was boodie. Did I say that?...damn my alter ego, she fitting to get me swerved on.

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