Friday, April 13, 2007

Speaking of Jay

(Cover of Hip Hop Weekly)
Jay Z got a new song coming out called Billie Jean 07. You know, Billie Jean not my lover, just a girl who think I am the one, but the kid is not my son. Unhuh. Look for that to drop. I figure it would start out like... "What do you want me to do I'M SORRY! But I digress:
I wasn't going to even entertain this because of the child. Yeah, yeah, I will have typical office chatter about this but come on Jay. Look at this kid. I don't know what anybody else sees, but clearly he looks like Jay to me. I'm saying, get on your Spike Lee dude and DO THE RIGHT THING! That little weak statement about the rumors of the 1 mill was nuthin, but this picture right here dude, this picture right here, is suspect.


chocgirl said...

we talked about this before and that boy does look like him,I say he's the daddy!

Anonymous said...

i say he looks like the director dude... she was with him too

There's No Wrong Way to Eat A Reesecup said...

anonymous: Yeah, it was Benny Boom, strange though, somebody needs to hit up Maury on this one.