Friday, April 20, 2007

Cam'ron on 60 Minutes

Cam'ron is being slandered all around the board on multiple blogs today for his Not Snitching code of ethics. Although his remarks may be a little uncanny, folks are so duplicitous. First they bashed him for dry snitching, now they want him to snitch. Which one is it? Anderson Cooper from 60 Minutes asked him if he knew a serial killer was living next door to him would he tell the police. LMAO! Cam said no, he would probably move. Ok Killa! But come on, hypothetical or not, all of your favorite rappers talk about not snitching, according to the Negro census, it's the code of the streets. Yall, n-words know yall got Lil Larry living next door that killed 8 mofos and yall look up to this dude as gangsta in the hood. Bite Me! I am not advocating for Cam, but what do you expect from "The Man", when Hip Hop is under the "it ain't ish" microscope, go get one of the most talked about as being ig'nant (place any Imus word here) in the game. The episode is scheduled to air on Sunday, April 22 at 7pm, est on CBS. Watch a snippet of his interview here.

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