Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Research and then Purchase

I am an equal opportunity post-est so I speak my mind about everybody even those that I like if that is a term to use. So I'm poking around on the Internet yesterday and my daughter and I come across Jim Jones' new clothing line Nostic. (Jim is wearing it (well) in picture). Looking at the array of colors for the shirts , (because we didn't get a close up view, until I checked it out today) my daughter is like, I like that. So I'm checking it out. Well the bigger picture in all of this. I am a conscious mother and I need to be made aware of what I'm buying my daughter. The clothes are nice but after looking into what Nostic or Gnostic is. I am shying away from this for my daughter because it coincides with our beliefs. Now I am not knocking any body's beliefs or hustle. I urge all who is interested to look into it and do your own thing. I think from a business stand point its a cool idea. My only advice is... with anything that you plan to purchase check it out first. I was getting ready to buy and not even know what the ideal of the apparel meant that I was putting on my child.

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