Monday, April 16, 2007

Pretty Boy Vs Golden Boy 2 of My Favorites

By now everyone should know about the upcoming bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Oscar De La Hoya. (May 5th on PPV) Now I must admit both of these are my favorites so I'm having a hard time picking a contender to yell my head off at and last night watching 24/7 on HBO didn't make it any better. As normal should I ride it out with my usual Pretty Boy? Watching him last night with has arrogant swagger confused me even more cause I liked it to a fault, cause he hangs out with Cuurrtis, so with both of them on screen I was arrogance out. Oscar seemed a little more mellow. I don't know, I can't wait to see this fight though, I'm not getting anything out of it but a rush from the love of the sport so well see.

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