Monday, April 16, 2007

Is It Ray J

I got an email from an unknown source so I can't mention it here but I will post what was sent to me.
Which R&B singer likes to drop ecstasy in the studio and fool around with his posse as if it doesn't count as gay because they're all taking drugs? Wonder if he knows there's security camera footage?

Now know one is saying any names but the email that I got said that it is Ray J. My source says: This is NO secret in Los Angeles. I have heard several reports of this from some very reliable music people. I am also told that is part of the reason Ray J was so quick to sell the Kim Kardashian tape to serve as a preventive strike against any news of his gay dealings with his boys getting out

True Story! I saw the tape, and that wack sex game Ray J has and all the edits with the same footage in different spots to make it seem like Ray was getting it in. MAN PLEASE! He seriously needs to step his game UP! Oh I jacked the picture too, cause I just love his come hither or should I see hit him look.

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