Friday, April 6, 2007

Cam Ron - Child of The Ghetto

I don't know about what anybody else thinks but I find Cam'ron to be funny as all get out. He called in to Hot 97 the day after 50 Cent was on 4/4 again talking about him. Now from my perspective nobody won this little back and forth thing they got going on but Cam'ron is hella funny doing his part. He said that he has an album coming out in July called Courtesy Curtis and on Youtube he has a channel called Diplomat-Koch TV with a sitcom called Curtis. Here lately Cam sounds like he's trying to get his old swagger back. I guess all the people that clowned him for that wack flow he was giving off, kind of pumped him up a bit. If not JR Writer is getting hella paid for his ghostwriting technique. Whatever the case may be I love ignorance so I will be all up and through this getting my laugh off. Smell Me!

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Anonymous said...

this is way too funny... i will definitely get laughs from the hilarity that is curtis