Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bitch Etiquette

Remy Ma was on Wendy Williams today talking about her new found freedom from Fat Joe, apparently Remy has been let out of her contract and she is free to do whatever it is that she does as far as her spit game. So big ups to that but she said as far as Fat Joe was concerned and these are my words, that in her contract she was not allowed to record with Curtis (50 Cent) and she couldn't get any beats from Hovac of Mob Deep or intermingle with any G-Unit affiliates. For these rappers to be hardcore dudes they practice a lot of Bitch Etiquette. Speaking of which, ya boul Tru Life is in the news again, this dude eat so much meat (and I ain't saying no homo) it's crazy, supposedly he has a video out dissing Snoop and now there are talks that he came down to a photo shoot that Jim Jones was at and a bunch of his crew tried to jump Jim and snatch his chain. Word out now is that he is crew deep. Again classic Bitch Etiquette.

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