Friday, March 16, 2007

Aww Hell to the Nizzaw! JUST LIKE THAT!

This ish is just not right- what's going on today. A video called Fox Attacking Blacks. I got this from under the youtube clip of the day. This is some serious sit back and think about what the heck is going on around you for your a double snakes. And not only are the white commentators putting in their two cents. It's some dark complected people on there too. So check it out and make your own assumption. Anything with Mark Furrham attached to it.. you know we need to do a serious "Radio Raheem" on those mofos. And for the record I don't eat KFC> It's Popeyes snitches.........and hold the hot sauce.

According to Bossip:
Some comments heard on the video:
Mark Fuhrman: “They will get up everyday, go kill somebody and then go have some chicken at KFC..”
Reverend Jesse Peterson: “They turned the Superdome into a ghetto in just 3 days.”
SMH at Reverend Peterson saying Barack Obama goes to a racist church. Fox News obviously loves that guy.

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