Wednesday, March 21, 2007


RedMan is in Philly this morning. Promo'ing Red Gone Wild: Thee Album. Schedule for release 3/27/07. Spark those L's people. It's a celebration. Naw for real. I like Red. He got some bangers. As I was driving in this morning listening to The Beat, broadcasting live from Dunkin Donuts. (Where are my damn sponsors??) at 13th and Cecil B Moore. They played How High by Meth and Red. One of my fav songs but any way. This jolted my memory and I realized my uncle had my High How movie for like ever so now I'm pissed but I moved past the moment, I could probably find it in the $5.00 bin at Walmart or something by now...but I digress. Then I had this epiphany (okay it's not that deep) to list some of my *Good-N-Hood Negro Classics. Thanks Red...
1) How High
2) Half Baked
3) Bout it
4) Killa Season
5) Menace 2 Society
6) Juice
7) Boyz N the Hood
8) City of God
9) Above the Rim
10) New Jack City
*No particular order. If I had to-Menace and Juice would definitely be my top 2.

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