Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I am seriously thinking about starting a Where are they Now section of my blog. Yes..yes ahh such brilliance. Let's start with Ray Benzino. I am seriously looking around as I type this. I would hate to be swerved on by him and his crew, being called a slut monkey as I take my beat down like a G. I don't have no crew to protect me but, what?....anyway. I have been hearing some stuff about ole boy. Supposedly running for a city council seat in Boston and something or another about a video of him eating ass.
I don't have the video but listen here for a snippet of a prank call...http://www.ralphige.com/media/benzinopreview.mp3
I don't know...I may set up shop in Boston for this one. Who wouldn't vote for a councilman that could toss a salad better than a Salad Work crew chief. Again I'm not trying to get swerved on. As a side note..I think I will check out this website-ralphige.com to see what's going down (no Young Joc). I heard this dude tried to prank Jigga but Jay supposedly tried to punk him..that's a story for another time. I guess. SMH. I heard this clip at Nahright.com

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