Thursday, March 15, 2007

Diddy Ain't about Nuthin

15th March 2007 06:23:50
Combs 'Still Tempted By Other Women'.
Hip-hop mogul SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS is still tempted by other women, regardless of his serious relationship with former model KIM PORTER.
The star admits he can't cope with monogamy - despite being the boyfriend of four years to Porter, the mother of his nine-year-old son CHRISTIAN and twin girls D'LILA and JESSIE, who were born in December (06).
And Combs confesses he can't even get ready for a night out without an all-female entourage keeping him company.
He says, "When I dress (he means preserve my sexy), I like to put on some MARVIN GAYE. I invite a few women into my room and we have a few drinks.

"We sort of have a little party getting dressed. For me, it has to be a very sensual experience, so of course I have to have some women around me as I dress. I don't just find women beautiful to look at - I love their company.
"I try to be good, I really do. But sometimes that's just too hard." Who is he kidding!!! Oh yeah! KIM

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Anonymous said...

Ouchhhh... Awww Kim did you really think Diddy was your only daddy? Of course you did. So chuckle up those tears and realize you are not the only woman. You might not even be the main chick. Guess you didn't learn your lesson when Diddy dropped you for JHO. I doubt you read this but if you ever do just know this Diddy doesn't plan on marrying you.

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