Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Someone please help Max B get out of jail.

According to interview Bigavell is waiting for his bail to be lowered to within his price range in order to get out. I don't know the inter workings of their business relationship or how the Dipset/BrydGang family works but if auntie May can put her house up or sell some fish dinners to get lil cousin Ray Ray out the bing, I'm guessing the Dips can BALL OUT just this once to scoop up the lil homie. I'm just sayin'. Ya Dig!

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Anonymous said...

Jimmy, baby, pooh bear don't leave ya boy hanging out there to dry espically when you put out songs that you are ballin. Now you are acting like times are real hard for you right now, atleast take care of the man's wife throw here a lil cash. Dipset needs to start a Lou Rawls Max B needs to be bailed out fund-raiser.

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