Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stay Tuned!

I might be a lil premature in writing this but I am hearing talks of Jim Jones starring in a movie called Thug Passion along side Elise Neal. I heard Jim talking about this on a Hot 97fm interview some time ago...so I looked it up. No thug role this one is (Yoda talk).... Capo said he is going to be making love!!! According to IMDB; Jim is going to play a character called Devon and the movie is currently in production so some things can change. My niece said, (after I told her that I was going to see this joint....(F-all of yall. I am a Jim Jones fan) Whew... I said it now what?)I will be one out of 200. Yeah I laughed at that but oh well. More confessions from me.. I saw Killa Season 1 and am waiting for Killa Season 2. (Stop It) I can feel the jabbs being thrown.

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