Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Show Philly Some Love Jay- PLEASE!

Can someone please save our Philly artist. Can they get any time to shine? In my honest opinion NO! Not if they are f-ing with Jay. Now again for all you Jay Z fans that live in the moment with him because I'm not, stop riding dude like a rodeo show and face the facts, Philly ain't getting nothing but pleading and diss records from casted out State Prop artist. First Peedie... Jay won't give him a release date, he talking about leaking his own ish, now Omillio. How hard is it to give clearance on a song. Maybe we can get some at best quality hip hop from these dudes, after all they are still hungry, and time has shown that is when an artist is at his best. I'm whithering away listening to This is Why I'm Hot and I'm so tired of rap beef. Who we got coming out under Jay in Philly that I can say I support Philly artist besides the Roots? (Had to big them up). Please don't say Chris from the Young Gunz, I will go off!!! Come on guys take destiny into your own hands bum rush dude for what you want. This is getting past ridiculous, save me from Pop, Lock and Drop or 3 and some odd minutes of some dude telling me why he is hot and you're not. PHILLY STAND UP! I got spoken word flow, maybe I need to add some beats and listen to my own damn flow. At least I can get some good entertainment from Philly! LOL!

As a side note: Where are the CDs from the dynamic "I rides for Jay" duo: The infamous weed and blunt carriers Tru Life and Bleek? SMDH.

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