Friday, March 16, 2007

Aww Jay-He's Such a Grown Man!

Something touched me about this article. First off, why is she afraid for her life. I heard that old Joe (Camel) hit women but I didn't see him as the type to put a hit out on one. (Ducking for cover from all the daggers being thrown from the Jay-Z fans. ) Now Now Now, since he put out the last two or three CDs with his swagger jacking ass I haven't liked him so don't expect me to say something nice. I bumped Jay faithfully but he lost me somewhere around the Gift and the Curse with that Austin Powers ish. (Oh Behave)

Rosie Perez Ends Feud With Jay-Z
Jay-Z and actress Rosie Perez have ended their war of words after the White Men Can't Jump star criticized the rap mogul for his verbal attack on one-time rival Nas.
Puerto Rican Perez admits she feared for her life after making her feelings known in a XXL magazine article, but now she and Jay-Z are friends again after a surprise meeting backstage at a Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actress said, "He (Jay-Z) went below the belt by talking about Nas' ex-wife. I think Jay-Z is better than that. He doesn't have to resort to dissing another man's wife... I just thought it was a bitch move."
Perez, who featured in Jay-Z's Blueprint 2 song, admits mutual friends told her Jay-Z was far from happy about her comments and so she was delighted when the rapper greeted her warmly at the Cirque Du Soleil show. She added, "We hugged." - Then he took her for a ride.. Oh never mind!

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Anonymous said...

If I was Rosie Perez I would also fear for my life espically losing my eye sight. Who wouldn't fear for a camel spitting in your face? You know they use spitting as a defense mechanism.

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