Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Campaigned for Nothing

Yesterday, I was asking for people to help save our Philly artist and there is always one dumb negro who has to come and mess up the whole damn campaign so in conjunction with I'm through Productions and Where are they Now Inc. I give you Beans..The Broad Street Bully. Now according to Beans have resigned with the Roc. I guess that good ole b-day bash with that Momma Carter looking home made cake sealed the deal and he is "ready to go to war for Hov" (Formally known as Jay, affectionately known as the Camel and now officially known as Bend Hova, so I can screw you Ova" Now although I like the Dips I won't front, (sue me) Lyrically can they get with Beans, I don't think so. Do I think that they will try...of course. Now with that being said. Will Beans beat all they asses..NO DOUBT. I keeps it real. My whole point of this is why do Jay need to recruit people to fight for him?Personally I do think that old men need to stick together. Be for real, Beans is looking like Old Uncle Wayne who beat his wife down at the family get together. Oh well. I just hope that Jay gives him clearance, give him a release date and step his old man ahem grown man dress game up. Naw!

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