Friday, March 16, 2007

Weezy F Baby Come Get Your Lady

Lil Wayne must have taken on the Dylan persona, he must spit that hot fire and I'm not talking about rapping. Trina done wrote a song about her relationship with Weezy F Baby, like to hear it, hear it go...ahh haaa! . But no thanks Trina. Stop wasting studio time. You could have sent a Hall Mark on this one.

This just in. The internet is fast I say.... Lil Wayne's reply... Oh Weezy.

I'm just giving you the audio. If you want to know why all this is going down. (No Young Joc) check out
UPDATED: Listening twice to this. (Yeah I did) I think he is talking about Nivea. - Oh well maybe he recycled it just for Trina!!!

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